Marco Di Giovan Paolo, M.D.

specialist in Laparoscopic Surgery

Do you have abdominal hernia and want to eliminate the problem?
Let us find together the best solution!

Do you think you have a hernia? Here’s what you can do.

  • Check your symptoms

  • Request an appointment

  • Do the required exams

  • Consult the M.D. to decide what to do

  • Choose treatment or surgery

  • Return to your everyday life

Why seek my services?

  • I love my job and I am here to offer my expertise which will allow you to return to your every day life and activities.
  • I guarantee a pre and post surgery professional service.
  • I take pride in keeping up to date with the latest scientific research and ensure that each patient is presented with an individualized treatment and surgery in line with their specific abdominal hernias.

Senior Physician at the Department of General Surgery Hospital M.G. Vannini - Rome
Specialist in: General Surgery, Emergency Surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery.